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WAM!, The Media’s Impact on Higher Ed.

March 26, 2011
Screen shot 2011-03-26 at 9.42.06 AM

Yesterday, I had the incredible opportunity of presenting at the 2nd annual Women Action Media (WAM!) conference, in Los Angeles on the media's impact on women of color in higher ed through the lens of Refuse The Silence.
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Shabana Changes Education System For Afghan Women

October 2, 2010
Screen shot 2010-10-02 at 8.21.50 AM

Shabana Basij-Rasikh (Middlebury College Student) is voted Glamours Top 10 College Women. Listen to her story.
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Mukui, “Your Experience Is Going To Be Different”

September 21, 2010
Screen shot 2010-09-21 at 7.29.07 AM

In this excerpt submission, Mukui Mbindyo (Middlebury College) speaks about the different experiences women of color face on her college campus.
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Dee Refuses The Silence

September 20, 2010
Screen shot 2010-09-20 at 12.15.54 PM

Diane “Dee” Lopez is currently a senior at Middlebury College in Vermont. Take a look at an excerpt from our interview.
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One Up

August 24, 2010

When I arrived at college, I was pleased to see that there were a plethora of cultural clubs that I could join. I was represented by religion, by region, by culture, and by language. Content as I was, the availability of these cultural clubs also created some unfortunate stereotypes amidst our larger school community.
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Refuse The Silence: Women of Color Speak Out (Submission Video)

July 1, 2010
Screen shot 2010-09-15 at 3.00.29 PM

Marilla Li is 21-year-old student currently attending Barnard College. She contacted Refuse The Silence via Twitter and put together a podcast submission for us. In her beautifully executed video, Marilla discusses the intersection of sex, race and identities.
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Refuse The Silence Speaks With Kathleen

May 31, 2010
Screen shot 2010-09-15 at 2.58.59 PM

Kathleen is a Sophomore student at Middlebury College in Vermont. Here, she shares her experiences as a Woman of Color attending an elite liberal arts college.
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Guest Blogger: Raped At Tufts University

May 19, 2010
Guest Blogger: Raped At Tufts University

Before reporting my rapes at Tufts I had no idea what sexual assault and rape was - outside of the classic “stranger in a dark alley” scenario. Unfortunately, Tufts had little in place to teach me otherwise. During orientation week there were so many events and programs; it was hard to keep up. One...
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Ode to Black Women

May 13, 2010

Domonique Johnson is getting her degree in Child Development and American Studies— with a concentration in African American Studies from Tufts University. During her undergrad, she was head of the female step team, on various cultural boards, the editor of the Black Literary Magazine, and head of the Black Student Board
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