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This Week In Media, 4/17 – 4/23

April 23, 2011

Education Secretary Arne Duncan Says Minority Teachers Needed – Diverse Education
“I see this as the civil rights issue of our generation,” Duncan said, arguing that hewas optimistic that even “the poorest kid, from the toughest community from the mostdysfunctional family” can thrive when given a good education. “But put that child inschool that has a 40, 50 or 60 percent dropout rate, where the norm is to go to thestreets rather than to go on to college, then we as educators, we’re perpetuatingpoverty, we’re perpetuating failure.”

Cornell University Provost Blasted for Plan to Move Africana Center - Diverse Education
“A fiery debate has been brewing on the upstate New York campus ever sinceProvost W. Kent Fuchs announced last December that the center would no longer beautonomous but under the direction of the College of Arts and Sciences as of July 1,2011. The resulting outcry has become so fierce that Fuchs is now considering renegingon his decision.”

California Schools Move Towards LGBT Lessons – Colorlines
“The California Senate recently passed a bill that would add LGBT history to thesocial studies lessons that public schools must include in their curriculum, reportedthe New York Times. If the state Assembly adopts the bill and Gov. Jerry Brown signs it,California will be the first state to require that gay history be taught in its public schools.”

Win a Trip to D.C. By Telling Us How You’re Creating Racial Justice – Colorlines
“In your own life, how are you changing the rules of our race conversation, and creatingreal solutions for racial and social justice?” “The 2011 Campus Progress National Conference will center on the theme “TurningTruth to Power,” emphasizing ways in which young people are turning their vision of abetter world into a strong, progressive youth movement”

Perspectives: Desegregating the Legal Community – Diverse Education
“In fact, Justice Sotomayor was merely stating what many in the legal community havebeen saying for decades: the legal community’s lack of diversity has a serious impacton access to justice in America. This impact is seen in the disparate criminal arrest andsentencing rates.”

Excerpt: On Race, Class and the Duke University Lacrosse Scandal – Racialicious

GOP Budget Slashes Pell Grants - Campus Progress
“The Ryan budget uses the wrong data to come to the wrong conclusions and thus
its solutions are faulty. What’s more, these solutions will impede America’s abilityto compete globally and they will increase income inequality by denying deservingstudents the opportunity that college affords to pursue the American Dream”.

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