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Archive for November, 2010


November 19, 2010

Five years ago, fellow student Kelsay Myers and I were walking around on campus, only to be interrupted by a van full of young, white men who peeled out of a driveway and shouted, “KUNG FU!  GO BACK TO CHINA!” We stood for a moment and tried to comprehend what had just happened.  Not...
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But who are you really?

November 14, 2010

"Was it upsetting to you because of the Korean content?" she asked, this time lowering her voice and nodding encouragingly at me. Taking her question too literally, I answered, "Um, no. Not really. I don't really know any comfort women who were raped by Japanese men." Those last two sentences have stuck...
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Why I Refuse the Silence: Resistance Education

November 13, 2010

“If knowledge is power, how can we be powerful if we do not have access to everyone's histories, if we do not hear everyone's voices? It is not enough to diversify our campus without being accountable for act of diversity. We need to take responsibility by demanding the right of every student to...
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Finding Filipino America at Kalamazoo College

November 12, 2010

As one of the few Filipina American alumni from Kalamazoo College, I want to partake in this project with Refuse the Silence. My parents emigrated from the Philippines around the 80s and I grew up in a rich, white suburb of Kalamazoo, Michigan.  I only attended private schools in Kalamazoo and my experiences at...
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Imagined Community: On Diversity at Kalamazoo College

November 11, 2010

Throughout the summer of 2010, a group of Kalamazoo College alumnae discussed the lack of resources for students of color on campus, focusing specifically on the needs and experiences of the Asian American and Pacific Islander communities. As what they are trying to accomplish on their own college campus mirrors the work that Refuse...
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The Daily Femme Interviews Morgane Richardson

November 3, 2010

The Daily Femme features news about women and interviews of professional women at different stages of their career paths and from a variety of backgrounds and experiences in order to provide perspectives that are often missing in mainstream media. Today, they featured our founder, Morgane Richardson on her work with women of color in...
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